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SiC epitaxial layer growth in a novel multi-wafer vapor-phase epitaxial (VPE) reactor

 Experimental results are presented for SiC epitaxial layer growths employing a unique planetary SiC-VPE reactor. The high-throughput, multi-wafer (7×2″) reactor, was designed for atmospheric and reduced pressure operation at temperatures up to and exceeding 1600°C. Specular epitaxial layers have been grown in the reactor at growth rates ranging from 3–5 μm/h. The thickest layer grown to date is 42 μm thick. The layers exhibit minimum unintentional n-type doping of ∼1×1015 cm−3, and room temperature mobilities of ∼1000 cm2/V s. Intentional n-type doping from ∼5×1015 cm−3 to >1×1019 cm−3 has been achieved. Intrawafer layer thickness and doping uniformities (standard deviation/mean at 1×1016 cm−3) are typically 4 and 7%, respectively, on 35 mm diameter substrates. Moderately doped, ∼4×1017 cm−3, layers, exhibit ∼3% doping uniformity. Recently, 3% thickness and 10% doping uniformity (at 1×1016 cm−3) has been demonstrated on 50 mm substrates. Within a run, wafer-to-wafer thickness deviation averages ∼9%. Doping variation, initially ranging as much as a factor of two from the highest to the lowest doped wafer, has been reduced to ∼13% at 1×1016 cm−3, by reducing susceptor temperature nonuniformity and eliminating exposed susceptor graphite. Ongoing developments intended to further improve layer uniformity and run-to-run reproducibility, are also presented.


  • Silicon carbide
  • Epitaxy
  • VPE



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