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Quik Mart Franchise in Arizona Slashes Energy Costs with LED Lights

Quik Mart Franchise in Arizona Slashes Energy Costs with LED Lights

The SCS Lighting Division recently replaced existing fluorescent and HID interior/exterior lighting with solid state LED lighting at 25 locations for the popular AZ convenience store/gas station chain.  SCS Lighting also developed a solution to costly beverage and freezer cooler lighting, as well as enhancing existing merchandise displays.

In addition to providing higher quality lighting and standardized color rendering inside of stores and under gas station canopies, Quik Mart management will realize significant capital savings upon the completion of this project.

Quik Mart convenience store franchise in 25 locations has upgraded to better LED lights. (All photos courtesy of Quik Mart)

Savings by the numbers:

Previous kWh usage was 1,703,819 kWh/year at an annual cost of$260,069.94

The LED upgrade reduced the annual kWh usage to 472,813 kWh/year at an annual cost of $59,101.71

This is a savings to the bottom line of $200,968.23/year, totaling a 77% reduction in lighting costs for Quik Mart.


Customers and employees have commented how much brighter and improved the lighting is in-store, the reach in coolers, and gas station canopy. "The new lighting makes the stores look modern and more clean inside and much brighter and safer on the outside" –Quik Mart Store 22 employee.

"The beverage coolers and candy racks caught my eye when I first walked in the door" –Quik Mart customer, Store 22

"The capital improvements SCS completed in a short amount of time have not only increased the overall look of the stores, but have allowed us the capital flexibility to improve other aspects of our business." –Troy Little, CEO Quik Mart.

A comparison of the Quik Mart convinent store lightings before and after the LED lighitng upgrade.

The SCS Energy Solutions - Finance Division- put together a custom, comprehensive financing package for Quik Mart, ensuring positive cash flow from day 1 of install, throughout the 24 month payment term. SCS also processed and followed through on all applicable rebate incentives with the local utility provider.

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At SCS Energy Solutions, we pride ourselves in being a full "turn-key" energy services provider to the commercial markets and the energy partner of choice for major national and international corporations.

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