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Home > News > Evolution and present status of silicon carbide slurry recovery in silicon wire sawing
Evolution and present status of silicon carbide slurry recovery in silicon wire sawing




Importance of used slurry recovery in wire sawing is discussed.

Commercially important used slurry recovery processes reviewed.

Technical aspects and tips in designing and operating used slurry recovery plants given.

Advantages of in-house recovery over out-sourcing brought out.

Possible ways of recovering kerf silicon and its use provided.



Recovery of used slurry from wire sawing of silicon wafers is important from both cost and environmental aspects of silicon wafer manufacturing. The mechanisms proposed for wire sawing of silicon wafers are briefly reviewed to help understand the nature of used slurry. Various processes that have been proposed for recovering slurry are reviewed and the merits and deficiencies of such processes are discussed. The basic physical principles and the various unit operations used in the recovery process are described. Criteria for selection of appropriate recovery processes are given. Commercially important processes in use in the industry for recovery of used slurry are examined in light of the consolidation trend in the Industry. The advantages and increased trends of using of in-house processes against out-sourced processes are brought out.


  • Slurry
  • Silicon carbide
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Wire saw
  • Silicon wafers
  • Kerf



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