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A review on single photon sources in silicon carbide

 This paper summarizes key findings in single-photon generation from deep level defects in silicon carbide (SiC) and highlights the significance of these individually addressable centers for emerging quantum applications. Single photon emission from various defect centers in both bulk and nanostructured SiC are discussed as well as their formation and possible integration into optical and electrical devices. The related measurement protocols, the building blocks of quantum communication and computation network architectures in solid state systems, are also summarized. This includes experimental methodologies developed for spin control of different paramagnetic defects, including the measurement of spin coherence times. Well established doping, and micro- and nanofabrication procedures for SiC may allow the quantum properties of paramagnetic defects to be electrically and mechanically controlled efficiently. The integration of single defects into SiC devices is crucial for applications in quantum technologies and we will review progress in this direction.




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